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Gotta love it when someone owes you a favor
With Autumnbahn right around the corner, what better timing...
By Ruben Pina Jr.
Photography by Ruben Pina Jr.
September 2008

___Lately my laziness and life has really been biting into my time to actually get out, do some nice photo shoots, and add more content to the site. Friday Steve sent me a text message telling me not to forget about the photo shoot the following morning. Work has been owning my life and with me working that morning I was torn up that I was going to have to miss it. Well, I pulled some strings and was able to make it to the shoot to take pictures of these beautiful cars in a perfect setting on a perfect day. And, with Autumnbahn European Car Show quickly approaching, what better time to give a small teaser of what San Antonio plans on bringing to the show...

___I had no idea what kind of setting that we were going to be shooting in. No one really knew but Steven, he was the one who got us the access to take pictures here. But, when we all found out exactly where we would be taking pictures, we were blown away. We couldn't have asked for a better place to take pictures with better weather, and better lighting. The sun was sitting perfect in the sky, the clouds blocking just enough sun, and the planes offering a perfect backdrop for such wonderful cars. It is really going to be hard to top this one. Once again, forever thanks to Steve for his ability to get us in here and take some pictures!

___What made it even better was the fact that these cars are all relatively new to their current looks. Steve's silver MK4 GTI has only recently been sporting the new LM's as well as the new paint scheme: a black roof, front end respray, and the custom touches to the front lip. Josh's car has only recently been seen wearing the Porsche twists and they also complete a life-long dream Josh has had to put these wheels on one of his cars. We didn't take the time to take pictures of what's going on under the hood of the cars, but Josh's car is sure to surprise people with some custom touches he has been working on this year in anticipation of showing off at this year's Autumnbahn car show.

___Furthurmore, this is the first time we have taken pictures of Terrell's car with the new Forgelines and wow, those wheels really take the car to a whole new level. A little more height adjustment (more slammage!) and this car will really be one to be reckoned with in the local Volkswagen community. And lastly, Steve's Passat has come a long way since he first made his way to San Antonio. The BBS's are back from being repaired and the newly purchased Koni coilovers put this car over the top. Not to mention that this car, like Terrell's and the other Steve's car, has been to Vollmer's for some custom paint touches.

___I want to be the first to again thank Steve for the awesome access to this location, we truly appreciate it and I'm sure you do too. Hopefully I will be able to get some more time and take some pictures of some other cars with equally deserving time behind the camera. Thank you for taking the time to look at the pictures and please show your support by clicking the discussion of these pictures. See you guys next time!