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Peter To's 2001 Volkswagen Jetta
It's better late than never........Right?
By Ruben Pina Jr.
Photography by Terrell Hester and Jeremy Kenisky
August 2005
It was already the 19th of August and we still didn't have a car of the month. I hadn't had time to go and take the pictures and it seemed as if no one else did either. What were we going to do? No sooner did we say that did this beautiful Jetta come strolling around the corner at our monthly meet. With it's aggressive stance and beautiful color, is there any doubt why this car is claiming the title of August car of the month?
Peter lives in Dallas but makes the trek to San Antonio every weekend to see his girlfriend. Usually it is a trip that he makes by plane being that it is much less pricey. But this weekend he decided he was going to bring his Jetta down to San Antonio. And we are happy that he did. Upon first glance of this Jetta you notice the GLI front lip and GLI taillights and think that it is a GLI. Well, unfortunately it isn't. But who cares? This car is definitely a head turner.
Before this Jetta Peter owned a Toyota and wasn't too sure about purchasing a VW. He always liked the Jetta body style but had heard horror stories from his friends about the quality of VW's. He did some researching and some looking around and quickly found out that they were just rumors. He then started his search for a clean MK4 Jetta. He found one and it was under warranty which was good news for him. After getting his Jetta he immediately started looking for little aesthetic mods he could do. He didn't want to make the same mistake of spending thousands of dollars on the car like he did with his Camry so this time he was going to go at it smart. He started by disabling the day-time running lights.
Next, he wanted to get the Jetta out of the 4x4 mode that they come in stock. He again started researching the local VW forums and found someone selling some ABT coilovers and jumped on the chance. Now, with his car lowered he needed something to fill those fenders. He bought himself some 18x8 inch HP Evo's but they just didn't quite fill the fenders enough. So what to do? Add some spacers in there! And that he did, to the tune of 10mm spacers up front and 20mm spacer in back. They fit perfect! Now it was time to do some more aesthetic mods. He sourced himself a GLI front lip and GLI tails and quickly put them on his car. At the same time he bought a 4 motion rear valence and a muffler to fit the valence.
Next was the interior. He didn't go crazy on the interior but did add an Alpine IVAD-300 screen, Memphis 1000 mono amp, and a Planet Audio 1000w subwoofer. After these mods Peter laid low for a few months and while searching through the classifieds, found some 18x8.5 inch Flik Artics with tires for $250.00. He knew he had to jump on it before anyone else did. So now these are the wheels that you see on his car now. He is currently laying low and contemplating on what he wants to do next on his car. Whatever it is, you can be sure that it will sure add to the beauty of this Jetta. Please read our discussion about this car below and stay up to date on his progress with this Jetta!
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Owner info:
Name: Peter To
Occupation: Poker Dealer, Student

Vehicle Specs:
Year: 2001
Make: Volkswagen
Color: Blue Lagoon
Model: Jetta GLS
Engine: 2.0 Liter I4

Engine Modifications: K&N filter and sticker on the airbox +20hp
Transmission Modifications: Stock
Suspension Modifications: ABT Coilovers
Brake Modifications: Stock
Wheels and Tires: 18x8.5 Fliks, 18x8 HP Evo, both with cheap tires and 10mm spacers up front and 20mm spacers in the rear
Exterior/Body Modifications: GLI front lip, Streetone Side skirt, painted rear valence, GLI tail-lights
Interior Modifications: Stock
Mobile Electronics: Alpine IVAD-300 screen, Memphis 1000 mono amp, with busted Planet Audio 1000w sub.
Lighting Modifications: Cheap blue headlights and bypassed DRL's!! YEAH!!!!!!!!
Shoutouts: To everybody at the 8/19/05 meet WATTTTT!

As always, you can email me for any of these pictures in high resolution!