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Rob's 1996 Volkswagen Cabrio
Removing the "girls car" stigma, one person at a time!
By Ruben Pina Jr.
Photography by Ruben Pina Jr.
Photos edited by Jeremy Kiniski
March 2006

123Everyone has heard it, "Cabrio's are girls cars!" Well one look at this car and that saying goes out the window. The color alone on this car is amazing! This isn't the first of rare or amazing cars that Rob has owner either. Since he was old enough to get a car he has always been infatuated with European cars. He feels that the style and class that a European car possesses cannot be surpassed. Not to say Rob has been

entirely faithful to his European car heritage though. He also has a Turbo Civic, Chevy Avalanche, Ford Mustang, and a Chevy Blazer tarnishing his record. :D

123We can go through the list of cars that Rob has owned in the past and their mod list but this will end up being at least three pages long. So let's just mention the more important ones...He has owned a 2003 20th Anniversary GTI, Mini Cooper S, BMW M5, a supercharged MKIII VR6, and an assortment of air cooled VW's. And don't make the mistake of thinking any of these cars was stock. Rob believes that the essence of

having a car is what you do to it after you have bought it. He shows this with every car he has purchased so far. Every car has been touched in someway by his magical hands. Of course he makes sure that all mods stay with the esprit de corps of the club. If not, Scott will make sure and let him know.

123Rob recently acquired this car in February of this year and hasn't had much time to do much more to it than what was already done. So far though he has put on a Neuspeed P-flow intake and is working on upgrading the sound system. He says that the sound system is a work in progress but promises to make sure that the sound system matches the "clean and euro" look that the rest of the car possesses. One

thing I have noticed about Rob though is no matter what he does to his cars, he usually takes a long time to do it. And the main reason is because he puts a lot of research into the stuff he is going to put on his cars.

123The first thing I noticed about this Cabrio is the ride height and the wheels. It is very hard to make 18 inch wheels look good on a MKIII but this car pulls it off quite nicely. The Weitec coilovers allows Rob to put the car low enough to slightly tuck the front wheels and really make the wheels look gorgeous on this ride. The only down side is that with the low ride height you have to constantly watch where you are going. I got

to experience this first hand riding around with Rob. The ride is harsh but not as bad as I thought it would be for a car so low. It doesn't help much when you have 35 series tires either.

123One look at this car and it is obvious that suspension isn't the only thing done to this car. This Cabrio has been fitted with European front and rear bumpers and some sweet sideskirts. This is achieved by replacing the rebar and radiator support in the front with a European radiator support and rebar. With those changes comes the Hella smoked E-code headlights. These really pull off a OEM look while providing much

better visiblity at night. To finish off all the European gear on the car is a German VR6 front lip. This lip is an inch or two taller than the stock GTI lip and adds so much to this ride. Have to watch out for those bumps though because this car is really low with this lip.

123The interior of the car has been fitted with a Momo steering wheel, European glove box, and a full MFA on-board computer. So Rob can now monitor his fuel consumption, miles traveled, outside temperature, etc. He also has a Whitsler hide away radar detector in there. From riding around with Rob I know for sure that this thing works and I might have to do some of the same on my MKIII. I also noticed that he has a very nice short

shifter in his car. I am kind of jealous because I dont think the shift on my short shifter is quite and short as his. I am happy for him though......really!

123What can I say, I love Volkswagens and this car really does it for me. I don't know if it is the unique color, ride height, VR6 engine, European aesthetic mods, or a combination of everything. Regardless of what it is, this

car is one stunning example of a well done Cabrio. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this car as Rob goes to town in the modification department. Stick around and see what the future holds for this car!
Additional Photos:
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Owner info: ABTSportsline
Name: Rob Hord
Occupation: Department of Defense

Vehicle Specs:
Year: 1996
Make: Volkswagen
Color: Cinnabar
Model: Cabrio
Engine: 2.8L VR6

Engine Modifications: VR6 swap, Neuspeed CAI, suitcase removed from VR6 exhaust
Transmission Modifications: Short shifter
Suspension Modifications: Weitec coilovers
Brake Modifications: VR6 brakes
Wheels and Tires: 18" BBS RC with Pirelli P-Zero Neros
Exterior/Body Modifications: Euro lip spoiler, side skirts, rear apron, euro bumpers, fenders
Interior Modifications: Momo steering wheel, European glovebox, full MFA onboard computer
Mobile Electronics: Alpine CD player, 2 JL 10w0s, Xtant 121m amp, Whistler hide-away radar system
Lighting Modifications: Smoked E-code headlights and Votex long-smoked fogs