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Ian Crosson's 1998 BMW 528i
Who says that small towns can't have nice cars?
By Ruben Pina Jr.
Photography by Ian Crosson
September 2006

___Ian has been a loyal member and the leader of our Corpus group for a little over a year now and has been through a few cars so far. Apparently that has been more or less a character trait of his, to go through cars in the time most people change their wardrobe. This is evident by the seven cars he has been through so far that he has been around in the club. Given a few of them weren't European cars (shame on you Ian!) but they all had one thing in common, they were all very well taken care of by Ian's master detailing skills. And this car is no exception. One look at the shine of this car and you can tell that Ian spends some serious time detailing this car.
___Ian found this car the same way he found every other car he has owned, through Autotrader magazine. The moment he saw the car and the pictures with it he showed everyone and knew that's the next car that he wanted to add to his list of cars. After he purchased the car the mods came shortly after. Ian is a BMW buff and immediately knew the potential of the car when he bought it. He wanted, however, to keep the car with mods that would add cleanliness to the car; nothing over the top or crazy was every going to touch this car. Ian comments on how the sport suspension is perfect for him "nothing that will jar your bones." He also comments that "it has a really great exhaust system, it just lets you know it's there without deafening you."
___Although Ian absolutely loves this car, it has given him his fair share of headaches. Most of us remember the postings of when his clutch exploded on him. I can't imagine being in that predicament! I even remember chatting with Ian and him telling me he just about had it with the car! I am glad he got everything sorted out and decided against selling the car. Ian gives major thanks to his friends Lucas, Jared, and Derrick for helping him remove the transmission twice in the whole project clutch repair saga. They are not afraid to get dirty and help Ian out when it comes to his cars and he appreciates that in his friends. Derrick once helped Ian install his first mod on the car, the real wood shift knob. But to help him he had to open the sunroof, stand on the seats, and pull as hard as he could. He was the only one brave enough to try this tactic and almost went airborne once the shift knob came loose.
___Ian thinks the styling of this car is most lined up with what BMW originally designed the car for. The sport suspension and the aero front spoiler really set this car off from other 5 series BMW's. His favorite part of the car is that it is a big car that handles great. He comments on how it handles almost as well as his Z3 did and he pushes it farther and farther each day. His ideal day with this car would be a drive up in the mountains of Little Rock, Arkansas. " The clouds hide the sun, it feels cool outside, and you can't hear anything but my Supersprint exhaust growling to overcome the sound of squealing tires as I apex a turn at 60mph" comments Ian about his drives in Little Rock, Arkansas.
___Overall I must say that this is a beautiful example of how a 5 series should look. I agree with Ian when he says coilovers would give this car the perfect stance, but that all can wait. You can catch Ian making his way up to some GTG's here in San Antonio or on our forums. You can also catch him talking to the E39 heads over at regularly. Hopefully we can see even more of the transformation of this 5 series into something even greater, but who knows with Ian. :D

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Owner info: IanBMW
Name: Ian Crosson
Occupation: Retail

Vehicle Specs:
Year: 1998
Make: BMW
Color: Diamondschwartz
Model: 528i Sport Package
Engine: M52tu

Engine Modifications: Supersprint exhaust w/ 2.5in mandrel bent deleted resonator
Transmission Modifications: None
Suspension Modifications: Bilstien Sport shocks w/ Bavarian Autosport Springs
Brake Modifications: Pagid Brake Pads
Wheels and Tires: 19x8.5 Axis wheels w/ 245's in front, 19x9.5 Axis wheels w/ 275's in rear
Exterior/Body Modifications: Aero Front spoiler, M5 rear lip, Debadged
Interior Modifications: Real matching wood grain shift knob
Mobile Electronics: None
Lighting Modifications: Euro Headlights, Celis Taillights, Stealth bulbs