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Harold's 1997 BMW M3
We feel this is one prime example of a well done M3.......
By Ruben Pina Jr.
Photography by Ruben Pina Jr.
Photos edited by Jeremy Kiniski
January 2006

123What can I say about Harold? He has been around since day one and hasn't missed a step along the way. Everyone can thank Harold for all the great cruises we have had so far because he is the one that has planned every single one of them. He is the brains behind a lot of the things we do. If I need any advice or help on making a decision on something for the club, Harold is one of the people I call on for help. He has

truly been a good friend and a great club member. So this goes to Harold, the crazy driver that has been around since day one.

123When we started up this club it was just a few friends, a few dubheads. Well on our first meet that we setup Harold and his buddies pulled in rolling strong. Harold's car stuck out because of the beautiful color. And yes, it is the stock Estorilblau metallic blue. This isn't Harold's first car either. This is just one in the long line of cars that Harold has had. And by no means are they

just European……Harold has had anything from classic Chevelle's to S-10's to BMW's to Chrysler LeBaron's! And every last one of them had Harold's fingerprint on them. He has always said that he wants to make sure, no matter what he is driving, that it is different from every other car on the road.

123Like with his other cars, he doesn't follow a guideline on what to do next. He does his research when it comes to performance modifications and goes with what looks best when it comes to anything else. This was the philosophy he would follow when he purchased this car. His car has a motto of “Subtle improvements only”, and I couldn't agree more. The sleek lines of

this car really bring out how beautiful it really is. When asked what the favorite part of this car is, without hesitation he answers “My favorite part is the front lip extension. It really makes it different.”

123Harold's aim is to have a “driver's car” that he can comfortably drive and enjoy at the same time. He doesn't want the fastest car around nor does he want the nicest show car in the bunch. He says it's not worth it to him if it wont allow him to enjoy the drive . He admits that although he absolutely loves the car, he doesn't drive the car on a daily basis. He leaves that job up to his monster of an Accord :p This car only sees the light of day on weekends or

or whenever SEA meets up. Anytime other than that this car is tucked away nicely in the garage.

123His ideal day with the car would be “a morning wash and an afternoon cruise with the members of SEA. Nothing better than being out in the country running around the back roads, windows down, and my favorite song on the radio.” If Harold gets bored of the road he has a flip out screen DVD player to keep the excitement going. Most of the cruises you will catch Harold playing the

Mischief videos, the whole reason for him even being in the European car scene. I guess that's why he is always flying down those roads!

123When asked who the biggest critic of his car is, he answers “I guess I am but my wife really lets me know if she doesn't like something on the car.” And being that Harold only rates his car a 2 out of 10, I guess it holds true that he is his biggest critic. The reasoning behind giving it a 2 out of 10 is that he has a laundry list of modifications left to do on the car. He says that next up is coilovers and wheels. And

he isn't spoiling any secrets about what wheels he is looking to buy, but I am sure we can expect something very nice. He says for coilovers he will probably end up going with the PSS9's by Bilstein since he has heard such good things about them, hence the high price.

123All in all, I think this is one beautiful car. I have heard Harold talk about possibly going supercharged so I can't wait to see what is in store for this car in the next year. Stick around and check out what becomes of this ride along with all our other members' rides. In the meantime, keep it safe, keep moddin' and see you at the next meet!


Additional Photos:
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Owner info: Fast1
Name: Harold Lambert
Occupation: Automotive Tech

Vehicle Specs:
Year: 1997
Make: BMW
Color: Estorilblau metallic
Model: M3
Engine: 3.2 liter dual cam single vanos

Engine Modifications: CAI, UUC System U exhaust, TMS engine software
Transmission Modifications: Dinan S3 Trans. software
Suspension Modifications: Billet strut brace, poly bushings, billet shock mounts
Brake Modifications: Upgraded race pads
Wheels and Tires: Sumitomo W-rated 245's, Stock Motorsports
Exterior/Body Modifications: Paint matched eyelids, Rieger cup spoiler, paint matched rear wing, blacked-out kidney grills
Interior Modifications: BMW logo handle covers, Titanium tint
Mobile Electronics: Pioneer p5700dvd 6.5 inch screen, Passport G-timer, Cobra 10 band radar
Lighting Modifications: E-38 clear tails, clear corners and markers