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Scott's 2002 BMW 330Cic
Is it any surprise that this hot 330Cic is worth the feature?
By Ruben Pina Jr.
Photography by Ruben Pina Jr and Terrell Hester
July 2005
There are a few cars that have been with this car club from the very beginning and have stuck with us through it all. Scott is definately one of them. From the first time we saw him pull up with his HID's and angels eye's proudly shining, we knew this would be a car that would be winning some awards. And he has definately done so with this sweet ride.
This car also started as a completely stock 330Cic. When Scott bought it back in 2002 he just wanted a change of pace from his 528i. And what a change he got. Before this car he had never really had the "mod bug" but soon after the purchase of ths car, he experienced what that bug was like. The first thing he did was start looking on the forums for a good set of angel eyes. What is a BMW without angel eyes? Right? Well, he found some, and at a price that he will never let us forget about, $50. They were DDE WheelPower Phosphyre Halos and they were just coming out at the time hence the cheap price. Try finding some angel eyes for that cheap now!
There are some things that Scott isn't too privy about with his car though. he says he wishes he got the manual transmission instead of the Steptronic. Nothing against the Steptronic, it is a great working transmission, however it takes some fun out of the driving says Scott. The upsides of the car far outshine the downsides though. One features about the car Scott says he cannot live without is the heated seats. "No convertible should be sold without heated seats," states Scott.
The only regret that Scott has during the modding process of this car is that he didn't go straight to 19 inch wheels. First, he bought some 18 inch wheels and slapped them on for a while. However, the wheels just didn't do it for him. He wanted something bigger, he wanted more. And that is exactly what he did. He got some three piece DTM Kreuz's in 19 inch, staggered fit. Eight and a half inchers up front and nine and a half inch wheels in the back. What a combination! He didnt wan't just great rims though, he wanted to slap on some great tires that would allow him to slam the car in the future. He also wanted to be able to have the tuck that he wanted without problems. So, he looked to Falken for some tires, specifically the GRB FK-451.
When we asked Scott if he is done modding his car, he wasn't sure. At least that is what it seemed like. He is not sure if he is going to be purchasing another car in the near future or be keeping this great car. Most likely though, we will be seeing Scott in a new ride in the next few months. So, if you want to see this car, you better get to some of our meets before it's gone!
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Owner info:
Name: Scott Adams
Occupation: Administrative Asst./Student

Vehicle Specs:
Year: 2002
Make: BMW
Color: Titanium Silver
Model: 330Cic
Engine: 3.0 liter I6

Engine Modifications: BenFer Performance CAI, carbon fiber cover
Transmission Modifications: Stock
Suspension Modifications: Eibach Pro-kit
Brake Modifications: Stock
Wheels and Tires: 19" DTM Kreuz-10 (3pc) on Falken GRB FK-451
Exterior/Body Modifications: Bimmian paint matched kidneys
Interior Modifications: OEM ///M Dead Pedal, OEM Aluminum Pedals, OEM Alarm
Mobile Electronics: Stock +iPod
Lighting Modifications: DDE WheelPower Phosphyre Halos