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So the new year is here and time for a fresh start. This year we hope to take things even farther than we did last year. Josh planned a really nice New Year's photo shoot and below are the results of it. Now, take in mind that I took a million pictures and a lot of the pictures look like they are the exact same picture. However, in the separate pictures I was messing with the different DOF settings. So, in reality, they are a little different than the others. I also didn't want to take out some pictures that people might like a little better than the previous angle. Some of the pictures came out over-exposed, some under-exposed, but for the most part they look pretty well.

Also be sure to check out Josh's photos both in our forums and his VWVortex thread.

I hope that this year brings everyone some nice modifications to their whips and I will be sure to try to schedule as many fun events as we can fit into one year. If there are any suggetions that you may have or connections to somewhere you think might be a good GTG spot, email me and we can set something up.

I can't thank everyone that is a part of the club enough for making all this happen. Everything that goes on, down to these photo shoots, are made possible by individuals that take time out of their busy lives to make it happen. This isn't about a club or a name, this is about a community of people that love to get together and share their love for their automobiles. I am glad to be a part of it and hope to see many more event like this in the coming year.

Keep tuning and keep moddin' those whips, we will need new featured cars as the year goes on! :D