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Siegfried Gonzalez's 2004 Audi TT
A squashed Beetle never looked so good!
By Ruben Pina Jr.
Photography by Ruben Pina Jr.
October 2005
I know I have been way late on getting the October car of the month. But, if it offers any consolation, I have known that Siegfreid was going to take the prize, just never had time to go take the pictures. Well, we finally got around to detailing the car and getting out and getting some pictures of this beauty. And if I might say so myself, this is one stunning car.

Siegfreid has been around the VAG world for a while now. It all started back in the 90's when he purchased a 1999 Silver Jetta Wolfsburg edition. After that he purchased a new style 1998 Passat followed by a silver 1999 New Beetle Turbo (starting to see where he got the idea for this car?). So it hit him, why not go for the squashed look? So he went and bought an Audi A4 1.8T quattro and thats when the Auto Union started to churn in his blood. After he got tired of that car he got a 2001 silver TT Roadster followed by a silver A4 Avant. After that he decided to stop by the Audi dealership to see what new things Audi had to offer. Upon setting his eyes on the car and driving the DSG he was sold. Needless to say, he purchased the current ride, a 2004 Audi 3.2 DSG TT in black. Every car along the way was fun in it's own little way and all except for the Passat which stayed stock.

Upon purchasing the car Siegfreid thought he would have no need to mod the car since he loved it so much in stock form. But one trip to South Padre Island changed all that. It was the first time he had driven the car for more than one hour and he quickly realized it was time to make the car funner to drive on long stretches of highway and elsewhere. He stumbled onto the Audiworld forums and started researching on what to start slapping on the car. First thing he purchased was the Twin Tube Dynamic Airbox off someone in the Audiworld forums. He loved the mod and decided he is going to take this modding to a whole new level. He started browsing the .:R32 forums to see what else would be a good buy for his car. Needless to say, he went a little crazy in the time that he has had the car.
Siegfreid says the biggest critic of his car is the one that drives it everyday; his wife. But how can you blame her? What wife would be comfortable with their husband's mistress? Siegfreid ranks his car about an 8/10 and says he is going to continue to make his car the heaviest modded, most unique DSG in Texas. With the help of Mark Wilson from Prestige Performance, I dont think that is too far away.
All in all this is a very special car. Not only because it is the only Audi currently in our club, but because the mods on this car make it so unique. Whether it is sitting in the driveway or killing everyone on the cruises, this car has lots of class. Hopefully Siegfreid will stay around for a long time so we can see this ride develop more and more into a monster. Keep an eye out for him!

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Owner info: TT3.2
Name: Siegfried Gonzalez
Occupation: Senior Account Manager

Vehicle Specs:
Year: 2004
Make: Audi
Color: brilliant black
Model: TT
Engine: 3.2 DSG

Engine Modifications:
TTDA, Nuespeed pulleys, Nuespeed chip, VF-enginnering pndelum mount, Milltek Exhaust
Transmission Modifications: Haldex Race controller
Suspension Modifications: Bilstein coilovers PSS9, nuespeed 19mm rear swaybar.
Brake Modifications: Stock 13.4 front dual piston calipers
Wheels and Tires: 18' RS4 w/ Goodyear Egle F1, & Team Dynamic Racing 18 w Michelin Pilot Sports
Exterior/Body Modifications: Front euro plate, tinted tails,
Interior Modifications: Schwing cupholder
Mobile Electronics: Jeff Bipes Aux inout for ipod, Valentine 1 w/concealed display.
Lighting Modifications: Yellow PIAA fog lights.