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1st Year Anniversary Article and Pictures!! 
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New post 1st Year Anniversary Article and Pictures!!
This is super old, but I am migrating everything over to the forums and off HTML so here is the article and pictures.....

Hard to believe that it is already one year. But it is! We have come a long way in the past year and I thank everyone for making the club what it is today. It wouldn't be what it is today without the tremendous help that I have gotten from everyone. We have had our ups and downs although more of the former than the latter. Thank you everyone for everything and let's keep it going for years to come guys! I know we can do so much more in the coming year.

So we had a luncheon at Grady's BBQ on San Pedro to celebrate our first year anniversary. It was at the same place that Harold, Scott and I sat down for the first time to talk about the club and how things were going to work since none of us had ever really done this before. Here we are a year later with a nice website, growing members, great cars, and great people. I know I never thought we would be this far!

We thought it would be fun to give out some fun awards for the people that really have stuck out this year. Harold also had some spare detailing supplies so we thought we would do a little raffle to give away some cool detailing supplies. The award categories were pretty pithy and I have Rob and Steffen to thank for helping me with them. I am sure you can spot Steffen and Rob's humor in most of them. A few of them were really funny!

All together we had a good time and I thank everyone for making this past year the best than it could be. This time next year I hope we are twice and big and twice as modded. Stick around and let's see what happens guys.

Fearless Leader (Ruben - SooprmanX)
When we can't decide between Taco Cabana or Bennigans, you are there, imposing your strength of character and will, and getting the job done. You are the decision maker, the go-to man, the buck stops with you. And that's good, because the rest of us have as much organizational skills as a freebasing ADD latch-key kid.

Biggest Video Collection (Harold – fast1)
Just when we thought we had seen every movie clip on the Internet, you pull another from your collection to keep us busy for another few hours.

Greatest use of the O'RLY (Seigfried – TT3.2)
Just one O'RLY is never enough for you; you continually take it the next level of O'RLYness.

Kindest, Most Tolerant Member. (Rob – ABTsportsline)
When in times of need we turn to you for your soft words. Having a conversation with you is like riding a rainbow into a pile of flowers. If you weren't wasting your time with us you'd be making millions writing hallmark cards.

Token Black Guy (Terrell – Eurostylez-1.8T)
If there ever was a white guy in a black guys clothing, you're him. Thank goodness you're here. Every club needs a token black guy, or else we'd just be a bunch of racists driving European cars. Thanks for being there for us buddy!

Best Spelleer. (Duncan - Duncman)
Fur the mumber that always rights the goodest.

Most Exceptional Use of Wood. (Ben – VW-JettaVR6)
If life gives you lemons you would have made lemonade. But instead life gave you the chunk of a basketball court. So you made a trunk.

Best Old Skool Dubber. (Rich – H2O Werks)
You were dubbing before most of us were born, and for that we salute you great and all-knowing dub guy!

Shameless Plugger and Most Stories. (Jeffery - Jeffery)
Take a look around the forums, I think everyone knows what we mean. If you have ever sat down and listened to this man tell stories you will be truly amazed with his stories. In your own words, you deserve the “Mark Twain award.”

Best father figure. (Robert - Roberte)
Sure Robert is most likely to report an adulterous military member to the authorities but he still deserves our respect. If there ever was a man with the best advice, it is Robert, and we thank you for it. And you also happen to have the sweetest E30 M3.

Angriest White Guy. (Chris – davis449)
What can we say? You have a problem with everything and you've got a lot of pent up rage my friend, we're glad your on our side.

Most esprit de corps (Scott - unionjack)
We praise you o' creator of esprit de corps. Without you our club would be a meaningless group of car guys.

Biggest Keyboard Warrior (Jeremy - Jeremy)
When you get behind that keyboard you are another person. When someone trips up and misspells something or says something you don't like, you are the first to get behind that keyboard and let them have it. You don't know as much as you think you do but when you get behind that keyboard it doesn't matter. We salute you oh great keyboard warrior.

DIY Master (Steffen – Steffenme1)
I doubt there is anything you don't know how to do. I think that is pretty evident from your DIY's. Keep those DIY's coming man!

Best Long Distance Diplomat (Spencer – mk3ofdoom)
You might not be an “official” SEA member but you are definitely our best long distance diplomats/posters. We love the diplomatic work you have done for us in the past and can't wait to see what you have in store for your car in the future!

Best Long Distance Member ( Jordan – jordan325is)
You make it to the monthly meets on a regular basis and are an active member on our forums. We thank you for your dedication to our club and hope to see more of the same in the future.

Most thought out, quality posts (Joseph – JoeonTheGo737)
When reading your posts we catch a glimpse into your incredibly intricate mind. Your posts consistently have more substance than any others on the forums. We thank you for your never ending positive additions to our forums.

Best,Too Rich To Hang Out With Us Anymore, Guy(Rob - crapking)
We know you have more money than all of us and we are all jealous. But that doesn't mean you have to stop hanging out with us!

Fastest Turn-Around On a Project Car (Kelly – M.J.M.)
You thought Kelly was only good at turning your money into parts. No, no….When you need to hit a short deadline to get a show car out on the road, look no further than Kelly. He is what we call a professional.

Most Timely Return of the Fender Roller (Abe - loonibab)
What more can I say about this one. It's an inside joke guys.

Best Attendance While Almost Never Posting (Javier - javistor)
Although we don't catch you too often on the forums we appreciate your attendance at the meets.

Member That Could Care Less About the Club (Zain - ZainK)
We could have put you for the biggest whiner, the biggest instigator, or so many other things. But one thing is for sure, you really could care less if we went down in flames or not.

Best Off-road Euro (Brandon – BMWJigga)
Just when we thought you were done you put monster truck tires on your car. You truly will go to extreme measures to save a few bucks.

Best Attendance for a Mini Member (Steve - Azuul)
We just love those little cars and thank you for leading the way with the Mini's.

Most Dedicated Member (Joseph – Schnitzer323i)
You actually brought your car out to a show and left it there because you had to do something else so that you could rep the club. We thank you for your dedication to the club, it is has not gone unnoticed.



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New post Re: 1st Year Anniversary Article and Pictures!!

VW less at the moment, and that makes me sad :(
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